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Buying in Berkeley, Albany and El Cerrito

What do I need to know about buying a home in Berkeley?
  1. RECO - Residential Energy Conservation Ordinance
    This is a point of sale ordinance, requiring Seller or Buyer to take responsibility for compliance. Should Buyer assume responsibility, Buyer would have one year to complete. Responsibility can only be passed once if work has not been done.
    Compliance is having the ceiling insulated, hot water pipes wrapped, water heater wrapped, low flow devices for shower, faucets or fixtures, weather-strip exterior doors, damper in chimney, replace incandescent lights with lower watt, and sel-insulate furnace ducts.

  2. Berkeley Transfer Tax    Calculated at 1.5% of the sales price and imposed at the time of sale. Typically shared 50/50. One third of the tax may be rebated to the Buyer or Seller for seismic retrofitting and work must be completed within one year of purchase and verified by permit for work. No extensions permitted. Refer to Ordinance #6072.NS

  3. Berkeley Rent Control
    Ordinance regulates rights and duties of property owners and tenants. Questions should be directed to Rent Board for individual property status or registration.

  4. Sewer Lateral Compliance
    A certificate of compliance is required prior to close of escrow however responsibility can be transferred to Buyer. A deposit is held by the city to insure work will be completed.
    See City of Berkeley Municipal Code Chapter 17.24

  5. Berkeley Creeks
    There is little discussion about the creeks so I mention it here. The City of Berkeley now has on line a list of properties that may be restricted to use if they are within 30 feet. If the home is located over a culvert, repairs to the culvert are considered by the City of Berkeley to be the homeowner's responsibility.

What do I need to know about buying a home in Albany?
  1. Albany Transfer Tax
    Calculated at $11.50 per thousand of Sales Price. Typically shared 50/50.

  2. Sewer Line repair/replacement
    City requires video of lateral sewer line to check for roots, cracks, etc. City determines if line should be repaired or replaced. Some insurance companies will cover costs. Typically Seller's responsibility.
  3. Disclosure regarding location of creeks.

    The City has recently published notice to homeowners regarding their responsibilities to maintain and preserve creeks. You should check City of Albany creek maps.

What do I need to know about buying or selling property in El Cerrito?
  1. City of El Cerrito has a map which identifies different areas within the city limits as being more susceptible to ground movement or landslides. The city may require soils reports or further investigation prior to any structural changes to a property

  2. There are some locations within El Cerrito that will permit, provided there is space available, children to attend the Kensington grammar school.

  3. The Sanitary Sewer Lateral must be in compliance with Stege Sanitary District guidelines. Proof of compliance is required prior to close of Escrow.

The above information is highlights of ordinances and does not fully explain requirements or responsibilities of parties. If you would like more information, please contact me at my office or email me at diane@dianeverducci.com

I hope this has been helpful. Please call with any questions or comments.
Thanks for your time. Diane Verducci, CRS, SRES, Green

Email: diane@dianeverducci.com    Direct Line: 510-982-4409 | Cell: 510-364-1500

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